How Do I Adopt a Dog Or a Cat?

We have dogs and cats of all ages, colours, shapes and sizes, all with different personalities and temperaments. Each animal is assessed to find out what they are like and what sort of home, lifestyle and environment would suit them best. Each and every animal is considered individually and matched at the point of interview with the most suitable owner.

Our homers have a good knowledge of our animals and will advise you as to the most suitable animal for your situation.

For advice on how to introduce a new cat or dog into your family we have provided some basic information in our resources section.


International Adoption Process & Donation Fee

In terms of process we would set up a video call to go through any questions you and we may have. We would also ask for a vet reference.  We are lucky to be able to confirm new homes for a number of our animals for which we need to organising flights and other travel preparation.  Because we are only a small group of volunteers we do sometimes need to ask that you will give us some time between adoptions.  We may ask that we speak to you in a few weeks time to allow us to get dogs and cats ready for travel.  


Canada Adoption

We have had a lot of interest recently from Canada which is great, however we are only a handful of volunteers and currently unable to catch up on all applications. We do however want to place our dogs into the perfect homes so have partnered with Furbae Rescue in Canada who place dogs in the Montreal and Vancouver areas from Qatar. Please complete an application on their website.


Travel Arrangements

For UK: They would fly into Heathrow and would need to be collected there by you. 


For USA: Generally speaking we are able to fly them to an airport which Qatar Airways flies into directly from Doha (Boston, JFK, LA, Philadelphia, Houston). We would be happy to check which one is nearest to you. They would then need to be collected from the airport by you. 


Adoption Donation

We charge an adoption donation to cover the costs of travel and medical/care requirements.

Dogs:  GBP 400, EUR 450, USD 500

Cats: GBP 250, EUR 300, USD 350

All animals would come fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.  For Europe, they are also rabies tested so there is no quarantine upon arrival.  They will arrive with a vaccine booklet including their medical history. 

For puppies we generally say they need to be 6 months of age to travel to US, 7 months for Europe.

International Interest Form