Trap Neuter Return explained

Paws Rescue Qatar is proud to support and promote TNR Qatar. TNR Qatar is a non-profit, non-government organisation that receives no government funding and relies solely on private donations and fundraising. It is always a struggle to raise enough funds to continue but for every cat spayed, it is a step in the right direction.

TNR Qatar was formed in 2014 by a group of volunteers who were determined to improve the lives of the cats living on the streets of Qatar by promoting a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program. Such programs run very successfully in the UK and the USA as they are the humane solution to the cat overpopulation problem, balancing the concerns of the human communities and saving cats’ lives.

The Ministry Of Municipality And Environment has issued a Trap Neuter Return Leaflet available in English and Arabic. You can find it in the resource section or via this link.

Ways to get involved

Qatar TNR program relies completely on volunteers to achieve our goals. They have many unique and fulfilling volunteer positions to fit your skills and interests. Some of the options are listed below but for more information please visit the TNR Qatar website.

Trapping Team

This is a very fulfilling role, especially when you release a cat knowing that you have not only improved their life but also prevented more cats from being born to a tough life on the streets.

This team suits people who like working hands-on, it is a physical role as the traps are quite heavy once a cat is in there. Ideal requirements would be to have your own transport and a quiet space to house the cats whilst waiting for surgery/recovering from surgery (can be a spare room, or bathroom). Full training in trapping techniques will be given.

Colony Caretakers – feeding & trapping

We have TNR’ed colonies all over Qatar that are cared for by dedicated volunteers. TNR Qatar is always in desperate need of people to help feed the colonies and trap any newcomers. It is done on a rota basis, so even if you could commit to just once a week, it would be a big help.

Set Up a TNR Program

The first step to setting up a TNR program is to try and enlist the support of your neighbourhood. If you live on a compound approach the management, some forward-thinking compounds might even financially back the project. If you are planning to do TNR at your workplace, talk to colleagues, the same goes for doing it in the neighbourhood where you live. It is extremely beneficial to have community support, a big part of a TNR project is educating your fellow residents/work colleagues about the advantages of TNR, this isn’t easy but it is a real accomplishment if you get a group of you working as a team.