Paws Rescue Qatar - Our partners

It Takes a Village

Over the years, we have built up a great network of local support for the animals who come into our care. We have met and worked with a majority of the vets and veterinary clinics in Qatar, and as with any human doctor, we have learned about who specialises in what type of animal or ailment, etc.

Vets In Doha

Our Partners - Royal Vet Clinic

Royal Vet Clinic

Dr. Vera and Dr. Leo at the Royal Vet Clinic are a huge support to us, and we bring many of our cases to them. They, and the other clinic staff, work hard to offer PAWS their support, and in absence of our own vet, they do many of our sterilisations, as well as diagnostics where needed.

International Rescue Partners


Due to the nature of Qatar being so transient and really a very small community when you think about it, we need to do a lot of our work internationally, because finding a high number of quality homes locally is extremely difficult. Over the years we have reached out to and formed wonderful relationships with many fellow rescue organisations in the UK, Canada and the USA and we work closely with them to place dogs and cats abroad, where they will have a greater chance of finding their perfect forever family.