At the centre, our cats are fed Josera Marienesse, a German brand which can be purchased from Royal Vet Al Waab street. Alternatively, you can slowly change over to Royal Canin or something equivalent in quality. Most vets such as QVC, and Canadian Vets will supply good-quality products.  Cats also like wet food, tuna in water, or roast chicken as a treat every few days.


Good litter is Thomas cat litter from most supermarkets.  Our opinion is that non-clumping is generally better. You will need a scoop to clean the litter and these are available from most supermarkets or vets. Keep the litter tray and scoop as clean as possible for hygiene but also for smell reduction. Some cats are really fussy with dirty litter.  Also for long hair cats, you will need to invest in a good comb and be prepared to groom daily.

Microchip & Outside Familiarization

We suggest purchasing a collar and ID tag in case of escape. Don’t let your new cat outside for at least 4 weeks and then only while you monitor them for the first few times. The big world outside is scary with lots of stray cats and cars, so ideally we recommend you keep your cat indoors and most definitely inside at night. If you have a balcony and in an apartment make sure to cat proof, many carpenters can do this. Cats have no height awareness and accidents can happen.  Register the microchip at the vet and on Pets of Qatar.

Routine Care

Deworm ideally 3-6 months. Milbemax or Drontal are good tablets from vets.  You will need a cat travel crate for trips to the vet.  These are available from QVC, and Canadian Vet or alternatively you can purchase a cheaper version from Petscare or Sofa Vets (all IATA travel worthy).

For more information about introducing a new cat to your family please check out useful websites such as

Adoption Fee

The adoption fee for a PAWS cat is 600 QAR. This fee includes primary vaccines, deworming, spaying or neutering, and a microchip. All adoptions start on a trial basis for 2 weeks and we then formalise after you are both happy with each other.  If you fostering only then we cover medical expenses however we do ask fosters to buy the food bowls and litter tray if possible (every little helps).