Aston, Martin and Heidi

 In We Can't Do It Without You

These three darlings – Aston, Martin and Heidi have been with us for some time! They’ve waited while others came… and went home, and still they waited…

Luckily these three have been handed their golden ticket out of here. They are booked to travel to Canada next week. What we need to make this happen is some help with funds. You see, it would be hard to say no they have to wait indefinitely because we can’t afford it. We can’t really, we have saved some funds towards their travel, but are not quite there. They are thick coated, miserable and desperate to go. Please help us make their dreams a reality…..We hear Canada is lovely this time of year!

To donate online, please donate, and mention it’s for them. Thank you, if they could thank you themselves they would!