Success! Qatar Airways announces changes to their pet excess baggage policy

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Qatar Airways have updated their pet excess baggage policy and drastically reduced the costs. They have made flying your pets far more affordable than initially proposed, and we could not be happier! Not only have they responded to popular demand, they have also considered the importance of such a service and have not used it to exploit their customers.

The rates are now as follows:

  • Small to medium – Up to 32kg – To/From Qatar: $200, All other routes: $350
  • Large – Between 32kg and 75kg – To/From Qatar: $300, All other routes: $450

Click here full details for flying animals as excess baggage.

We are eternally grateful to Qatar Airways for recognising the urgency of our pleas and responding in such a timely manner. These updates to the policy have now made it both possible and affordable to fly your family pet with you.

Please consider taking the time to send Qatar Airways your feedback and thanks as they have now potentially changed the lives of thousands of families and animals in need. Please email and

If you have any questions about the pet flight procedure, the required crate preparations, how to acquire the right ministry forms and flight certificate, or would like any additional information and assistance on the topic, do not hesitate to contact us on

Click here the following link for the official Qatar Airways press release.

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