Bringing Global Village Together

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We are honored to have been asked to help raise awareness to the plight of Qatar’s strays through this news feature made by AFP. They decided to investigate how stray dogs have been affected during this difficult time, and wanted to highlight a story to raise awareness of animals on the streets here and how hard it is for them.  We would like to thank AFP for bringing this story together and visiting our shelter facility to show how as a community working together we can save strays in Qatar.

It is incredibly important work that we are currently involved in on the streets of Qatar along with many other rescuers in our community. We support several stray cat and dog colonies with feeding, TNR, and re-homing where they cannot be returned as they are vulnerable or in danger or too sick.

This news feature highlights the importance of TNR initiatives in controlling the stray population, managing those colonies with feeding groups that make sure they receive regular food and fresh water and monitoring their health until they eventually find a home. We also hope for the authorities to also take on this initiative and support these efforts bearing in mind the problem with stray cats and dogs here is huge.

None of us can do this without all the lovely people that come forward to foster. Fostering helps enormously with animals that need extra TLC and starting them on their journeys to find forever homes.  It also frees up space at the center which we can then use to help with emergencies.

Bringing this global village together includes the re-homing that we do abroad & all over the world. It isn’t easy currently given the Covid19 crisis, however we hope that when flights start to open up, that those flying might consider taking some animals with them. We have a queue of dogs and cats waiting to go to adoptive homes and partners who will re-home others. This also enables us to help more, so please call us if you are flying to USA, Canada or Europe, you can be a part of our global village.

Enjoy this heartfelt story, and message us if you’d like to become involved in any part of the work we do, there is always something, and inevitably any small act can make a difference to those that need the help 🙏🐾💖