Thor enjoying the snow in Toronto!                Claudia with her new parents in LA!                       Bellatrix feeling chilly in Toronto!
He was found in Villaggio car park.               This beautiful girl was dumped in the desert.        Rescued after her mum was shot.



Max playing in the snow in Canada!                  Rufus with his new Dad in Maine!  Rufus                      Flori feeling festive in Doha!
Max was abandoned on the road by                   was found neglected and dumped.                               Flori was found as a newborn.
his owner.


Meredith, comfy at home in UK!                                 Ice and Cube in Paris! Both found tied up.                      Mrytle in Seattle!
Meredith was a dumped pet.


Scooby (R) with his new family in LA!                    Tundra where he belongs!                                 Xara enjoying the green in Asheville!
Scooby was found abandoned on the



Willow adopted in Doha!  Willow was                            Grace home in Atlanta!                                           Buddy now in Abu Dhabi!
found in a tree during a storm.                                Grace was being abused by locals.



Fergus enjoying the beach in Florida!                  Arabella in the English countryside!                        Rio and his new Dad in Florida!



Charles and his mum in Doha!                             Natook enjoying a hike in the States!                     Alex in the UK!



Jak lounging around in Canada!                          Poppy on the East Coast!                                            Jake in cold Canada!



Vixen home in Doha! Vixen                                     Baloo at home in Qatar!                                         Harry and his Mum in the US!
was rescued as a tiny pup with her family.                                                                                       Harry was found dumped on the streets.



Sirius (L) and his new Californian family!         Milly and Nina both now in UK!                     Dunia and her new big family in Qatar!
Dunia was found with her family starving.




Levi and his new Mum in LA!                                     Wilma’s new family in the US!                              Oscar adopted in Boston!
Levi was caring for 2 pups when rescued                 Wilma was found protecting her pups
from the streets.                                                             while being shot at.



Cassius (R) at home in California. He was              Desbee in NJ. Desbee was found                         Balto comfy at home in LA! He
found as a puppy with his family.                            abandoned on the streets.                                     was found with a mangled leg.



Sahara on a Californian beach! She                           Cara with her dad in LA.                                Minny and Daisy in sunny Cali. They
had her leg amputated after a car crash.                                                                                              were dumped pets.



Daniel home in LA! He was found                      Bronte enjoying Christmas in England!              Fudge comfy at home in Boston.
abandoned at the vets.                                         She was rescued with her new born pups.           Fudge was found roaming the streets.


Zach and family enjoying Christmas in LA!         Ivan enjoying Boston’s snow! He                           Orion soaking up the sun in LA!
He was found on the streets.                                  was a dumped pet.