Border Collie Mix






Active, energetic

Suited to:

Outside space, Safe garden access only, Children friendly, Dog friendly, Needs exercise, Needs company,

My story:

Lucas has been with us a year now and was rescued from the streets. His DOB is approx 5th May 2022 This Border Collie mix definitely has all the traits a border collie brings. A sweet and social boy who loves attention. He is social with other dogs, playful, gentle and walks well on a lead. Super keen to learn, collie’s minds are so smart that they need work to do so are suited to an active family who can work with him and give him a good structure to his life. Would do great in a family with older kids who can continue training with him or an active couple. Loving boy and very much wants to be the centre of attention.


Lucas was part of our colony site but sustained an injury. At the vet he promised us he would be on his best behaviour if we would let him stay, so we did!